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4 Blade (painted) "Bring the Thunder" Spinnerbait Series

4 Blade (painted) "Bring the Thunder" Spinnerbait Series
As the new year is upon us, a new storm is brewing! In it's wake, this storm leaves bass defeated and helpless in their constant struggle against mankind! Ladies and gentlemen, Team Thunder would like to introduce Thunderslaw Spinnerbaits for sale on the site! The slaw color is proven time and again by Team Thunder family members and is now available to the public!! Thunder Up!
$ 8.50

Throw-N-Thunder is built on a foundation of quality.  With over a century of angling experience on the Throw-N-Thunder team, we have designed a line of lures that exceed our expectations as well as those of anglers across the globe.

Take time and explore the variety of what we offer.  Notice the detailed craftsmanship of our product.  Every lure is individually created by hand with the toughest titanium wiring and Mustad hooks to ensure prolonged durability in the harshest environments and sharper hook sets. 

Don’t see the combination you want?  Email us with your desired combination and we’ll custom build your lure of choice! 

Since all orders are custom made, please allow for 7-10 days for your orders to be made and shipped to you.

We know the next time you’re on the water landing the next hawg with your new Throw-N-Thunder lure, you’ll find yourself shouting, “Thunder Up!”